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Custom Pet Food Packaging: Flat Bottom Bag with Side Gussets

Fresh and Customizable: Flat Bottom Bag for Pet Food Packaging

Accept customization

Material: PCR
Thickness: 130 microns
Type: Customise
Place of Origin: ShangHai, China
Surface Handling: Gravure printing
Sealing & Handle: Zipper Top
Custom Order: Accept
Usage: packaging printing bags for pet food
Size: Customise
Minimum order quantity: 10000

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Product Description

Stability: The flat bottom design provides excellent stability, allowing the bag to stand upright on store shelves or at home. This ensures the bag remains upright, preventing it from tipping over and spilling its contents, which is particularly important for dry pet food.

Improved visibility: The flat bottom structure creates a larger front-facing panel, offering ample space for branding, product information, and attractive designs. This enhanced visibility helps grab the attention of customers and promotes your brand effectively.

Space-efficient storage: Flat bottom bags utilize space efficiently due to their compact shape when folded. This makes them easier to store and stack in warehouses, retail shelves, and homes, optimizing storage space and minimizing wastage.

Enhanced protection: Flat bottom bags often come with additional features like resealable zippers or closures, providing an airtight seal. This helps to preserve the freshness of the pet food, keeping it free from moisture, air, and contaminants that could compromise its quality.

Convenient handling: The flat bottom bags are typically designed with tear notches or easy-open features, making them user-friendly for pet owners. This allows for effortless opening and convenient pouring of the pet food without the need for additional tools or utensils.

Overall, flat bottom bags offer stability, visibility, convenience, and protection while being space-efficient and sustainable. These advantages make them an excellent choice for pet food packaging, meeting both the functional and aesthetic needs of pet owners.

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