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Major Markets
Tailored, industry-specific solutions designed to meet your unique needs and challenges. Earth-Friendly Packaging Your brand can be proud of !


At Biopouches, we offer a sustainable solution for coffee packaging that is eco-friendly and customizable to fit the needs of each brand. The solution includes compostable, recyclable and renewable.
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PET Food

Our recyclable pet food packaging is designed to meet the needs of both pet owners and the environment. Made from durable materials, our packaging is able to withstand heavy dropping and delivery, ensuring that your pet's food arrives safely and securely.
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Our child-resistant cannabis packaging is designed to keep children safe while still providing easy access for adults. They are made from durable materials to ensure product freshness and security. With our child-resistant cannabis packaging, you can feel confident that your products are safely stored and compliant with all relevant regulations.
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Frozen Foods

Our sustainable frozen foods packaging is designed to keep your favorite frozen treats and meals fresh and flavorful while minimizing environmental impact. Made from recyclable materials, or recycled content materials, it ensures that you can enjoy your frozen goodies guilt-free.
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Health + Beauty

Our eco-friendly health and beauty packaging combines style, functionality, and recyclability. Designed with the environment in mind, our packaging provides secure and convenient storage for your skincare products, cosmetics, and personal care essentials.
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Snack + Jerky

Indulge in your favorite snacks guilt-free with our recyclable snack and jerky packaging. Crafted from sustainable materials, it not only keeps your snacks fresh and tasty but also minimizes its impact on the environment.
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Showcasing the beauty of nature in an environmentally conscious way, our recyclable fruits and vegetables packaging keeps your produce fresh while reducing waste. Crafted from sustainable materials, it allows proper airflow, preventing spoilage and extending the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables.
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Rolls + Films

Elevate your food packaging process with our sustainable rolls and films specifically designed for automatic packaging machines. Our eco-friendly packaging solutions ensure efficient wrapping while minimizing environmental impact.
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Introducing our compostable mailers, the eco-friendly solution for your shipping needs. Say goodbye to traditional plastic mailers that harm the environment and embrace a sustainable alternative.
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